Six of the best speeches to close out the year

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

What is one of the fastest ways to improve your public speaking? Answer: Attend a Lewisham Speakers speakerthon.

Six speakers. Six excellent speeches. And a whole lot of fun.

First up was the ever-growing confident Phil Reynolds. There he was suited and booted, and he startled us with the fact that one in 19 of us is likely to be impacted by cancer. A very touching message to start the night with, however Phil did leave us with good news. Most cancer is a lot more treatable, so we have a better chance of recovery and survival.

Phil Reynolds focused and poised

Then up stepped Oz with the swagger of a veteran. For such a new speaker he impressed the audience once again with the warming fact the we all have a gift. A very creative storytelling style and he left us with a gift that we must release our gift for the greater good.

Oz Josephe-Ebare cheeky and clever

Lady Julie Kertesz treated us to humour, stories and a moral for life. Who would have thought Julie used to get into punch ups because of a hair brush. Julie went on to share the value of gratitude in her life through a challenge that her father gave her some years ago: the importance of persistence to bring you success in life.

Julie Kertesz curious and charismatic

When Richard Green stepped up to the podium armed with a flip chart and a marker, the audience went silent with expectation. Rich gave us one of his biggest lessons that life has taught him, to find the balance of life. Through his own story he revealed the never seen before ‘the Green Formula’ for living a good life: ENERGY + NUTRITION + LIFESTYLE = GOOD LIFE

Richard Green charming storyteller always

We were fortunate to welcome back one of Lewisham’s former Presidents, Jason Thompson. Jason share his story of Toastmasters and rather than giving us a year by year dialogue, he picked out three people who made a big impact on his journey. Julie Kertesz, Richard Green and Philip Landergan were mentioned for mentor-ship, energetic presence and servant leadership respectively. Great use of story to show his appreciation to these three legends.

Jason Thompson reflective yet expressive

Our final speaker was me. How did the president end up getting the closing slot you may wonder? My story was about Screwy, a squirrel who found its way into our kitchen at and home and could get out. We discovered that if Screwy was left to leave on his own accord it would have been a lot easier than us trying everything to force it out of the kitchen. A good moral for life perhaps.

Donovan Grant – open arms, open heart

The speakerthon concluded with a facilitated evaluation session that was nicely done by our inspiring Toastmaster Pat Pottinger. All members of the audience gave all six speakers some commendations and recommendations for the next speech.

We are thankful for our newest guest on the night Fabio Rubiu. He enjoyed the speakerthon and also gave us his feedback for the speakes.

So we learnt that cancer is treatable, we all have a gift,gratitude is beautiful, your lifestyle is important, mentors pave the way and that sometimes we need to take a step back in life. Great evening with great people. I’m already looking forward to speakerthon 2019!