Going beyond: That’s where public speaking magic happens

Are you secretly afraid of the edge of your comfort zone? Is it time for you to go beyond?

Toastmaster of the day

Going beyond was the theme that our wonderful Toastmaster, Pat Pottinger presented for the day. And the challenge given to our members and the six guests was to go beyond! And guess what? Yes, they did.

A massive Lewisham Speakers welcome went out to Mark, Haluk, Syrus, Jugpreet, Pauline and our returnee guest Catherine.

You’ll be surprised to learn that each guest took the opportunity to deliver an impromptu speech on their first trip. They pushed beyond and didn’t let the fear stop them. Catherine told us about her role model; Mark shared what motivates him; Haluk revealed his greatest achievement; Pauline advised us how to overcome setbacks; Syrus told us about his goals and Jugpreet enlightened us about what makes her happy.

As an added bonus we said “welcome back” to Juanita and Samantha , two of the Lewisham Speakers family who have been away for a while. Samantha taught us about the value of time and delivered one of the finest timekeeper delivery we’ve seen for a long while.

Three cheers, once again to our Area Director, Susan who stepped in as an emergency grammarian. She provided us with an excellent selection of phrases and choice words that our speakers had used in their speeches. In short, table topics was amazing. Superb and easily relateable topic questions posed by Phil which was matched by an amusing, enlightening and charming table topics feedback session from Rich.

Mark Woods and Julie Kertesz delivered our two prepared speeches. Mark recalled a story of lack of DIY skills showing up when he and his partner moved home to London. Julie gave us valuable insights into preparing for and taking part in the annual International speech contest. Drama, humour and colour were in abundance in both speeches.

Special thanks to Haluk for volunteering to deliver an evaluation speech to provide Julie with some useful feedback. Donovan also provided Mark with some interesting commendations and recommendations.

Julie DTM

To cap a glorious night at Lewisham Speakers, Julie was presented with her second DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster award). This DTM was for the effort, commitment and support she has provided to 100’s of toastmasters worldwide in order to roll out the new Pathways programme. Congratulations Julie! You are simply the best.

So there you have it. We came. We spoke. And we went beyond our comfort zones.

What about you? Are you ready to go beyond and improve your public speaking skills! Interested?

I urge you to join us on Wednesday 6 February at 7:15 for a 7:30pm start. Methodist Church, Albion Way, Lewisham, SE13 6BT.

See you soon.