Having your best year ever

Lewisham Speakers started the year on fire. Two speeches, three guests and one awesome goal setting workshop. Trust me it was a great night.


Our Toastmaster Richard was on fine form bringing his contagious positive energy to the club. He conducted the meeting in the perfect way and ensured all speakers and audience members got the full value.


Rapidly rising Phil once again was in his best story telling form. He shared the drama of his road trip to see the in-laws on the south coast. He had humour, he demonstrated visuals and he even handcuffed himself on the night. Boy did he entertain us!

Healthy Advice

How do you follow that we wondered… well, up came our philosophy princess Pat. She changed gears somewhat and talked about food; the good and the bad. She is one of our few speakers who can remind of your bad habits without making you feel guilty. Her question of the night brought a lot of embarrassing hand raises and chuckles “have you ever gone to bed with a full stomach after eating a meal?” I was guilty as charged, just like everyone else in the room. “Let me tell you what it does to your body…”.
And she did! Ouch!


Donovan and Mark provided some excellent evaluation feedback and recommendations how our speakers could take their speeches to the next level. We were also privileged to have a visit from Area Director, Sue Raynor to provide a timely general evaluation with some top tips for club improvement.

Setting your goals

After the network break Donovan delivered a 90 minute goal setting workshop. How to set your goals for the best year ever. It was great to take a holistic look at what we did or didn’t achieve in 2018 and what we must do in 2019 to succeed. The attendees unanimously worked hard and enjoyed the workshop and are off to make 2019 the best year ever.

Most welcome guests

We gave an awesome Lewisham Speaker welcome to guests Catherine, Maduka and Didier. They were engaged, entertained and emotionally moved and promised to come back to the next meeting. Special thanks to our guest Catherine for suggesting that we do a workshop for public speaking goals and that we do a 90 day check-in for our life goals to see who is on track.

See you on 23rd January for another great evening.

Closing thought: Have you set your purpose based goals for your best year ever yet?