Communication skills 101: No one leaves flummoxed

At Lewisham Speakers, we thrive on having a community vibe at our meetings. The theme chosen by our Toastmaster was ‘contrast’. We’re so lucky to have members that have been speaking for 10 years or more and others that have just taken their first steps with Lewisham Speakers. Wherever you are on your journey, you bring something unique every time you speak!

Philip was, as always, a fantastic Toastmaster, who gave everyone who spoke a wonderful introduction and kept us all perfectly to time. He was supported by a fantastic team, including District 91 PR Manager Susan, who arrived in the nick of time, to become this week’s timekeeper. Dave was our grammarian and he clearly explained his role and his wonderful word of the week – ‘flummoxed’!  

Our first speaker was Os, who showed off his trademark warmth and energy with a speech entitled ‘The Spark’. He spoke powerfully about the importance of passion in inspiring people – a great lesson for us all! Os was evaluated by Tom, who gave both Os and all attendees some really insightful feedback and recommendations.

Donovan challenged us to say yes to our next opportunity, with a fantastic speech and workshop on humorous speaking. The Lewisham Speakers club contest is coming up on 18th September and Donovan’s engaging and entertaining session, which drew on his own experience turning a run-in with a fearsome squirrel into a hilarious speech, helped us all feel confident to take part. You can find the presentation and worksheet attached.

After the break, Richard took us on a wild ride as TableTopics Master. Members and guests alike took to the stage to answer questions like ‘what would you do if you found £500?’, ‘Are vegan diets healthy?’ and whether social media is killing the art of conversation.

I had the challenging job of evaluating all 13 speakers, but I can promise you – no-one was flummoxed and everyone did a fantastic job. Particularly one of our guests – Tyrone, who won the award for best TableTopic!

To close the session, Mark Wood, our General Evaluator, gave all of us that had taken a role helpful and thoughtful feedback, which will help us learn and grow in future.

We had community, we had contrast and we had a flesh eating squirrel at our meeting tonight! If you fancy taking a walk on the Lewisham Speakers wild side, come along to our next meeting on Wednesday 21st August at 7:15pm.

Author: Phil Reynolds, Club President.