Growing confidence with a Speakathon

Simply the best Lewisham Speakers night for a long time! Why?

Man sitting in audience of empty chairs

It was the club speakathon from five courageous members; Sylvester reflected on his “dad dancing” routine at a work Christmas party.  Jemma quoted Marin Luther King, encouraging us to fly, if we can’t fly, run, if we can’t run, walk and if we can’t walk, crawl towards our success.  Have you ever wondered why a lot of seasoned speakers use a blue background when presenting?  As Julie explained with visuals of the French President and others, it concentrates the focus on their face and hands, maybe try that in our next zoom meeting she encouraged.  After completing a survey, Tony discovered that he has diplomatic communication style, this comes in handy when he’s shopping with family members.  I posed the question, “Do we need mentors?”, 

Our special guest, Florian gave us a workshop on the key aspects on delivering quality feedback.  Generally, use the sandwich, CCRRC, Commend, commend, recommend, recommend, commend, this forms the “meat” of the speech.  Using illustrations of the Glenfinnan viaduct in Scotland, Florian also highlighted that feedback is the perspective of one person, someone else may see it from a different point of view.  I’m sure we have all heard the closing statement “looking forward to your next speech” at the end of a feedback, we now know not to do that!

Have you ever been to a speakerthon? Would you like to develop your communication skills? Leave us a message via the contact form and we’ll help you get started.