Make public speaking your #1 goal

What a high energy meeting yesterday.  So, have you ever wondered who invented the camera, Kodak I hear you say.  No, as we found out yesterday, no one person or company did, Though Kodak certainly played a role in popularising it, “you press the button, we do the rest”. 

As speech writers, we like snappy tag lines like that.  You may have noticed a theme between Sylvester’s speech and mine.  Unsurprisingly, that was not by chance.  We, together with the Area Director met to discuss ways of how to promote use of the information which Toastmasters provides as a benefit of your membership.  We would like to encourage all members to engage with Easyspeak to confirm attendance, plan speeches and book roles at meetings.  Additionally, accessing the Toastmasters International site to read available resources such as monthly magazine, and pathways speech requirements will aid your journey in becoming a better speaker. 

I ran our of time in my speech, I wanted to stress the importance of providing your evaluator with the evaluation checklist form.  If you are doing a prepared speech, your speech is geared towards achieving set goals, these are outlined in the checklist, download this and send to your evaluator to enable them to give you a better evaluation.  

As Jemma mentioned, the committee will be changing in June, this is an opportunity for any of you to take up a role on the committee, President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Treasurer, …or Area Director.  The opportunity to network and accelerate your learning awaits. 

Yesterday’s meeting was unusual in that, most of the roles were filled only a few days after the previous meeting had finished.  Let’s see if we can do it again next time.

Is public speaking a goal for you? If so, we invite you to be a guest at our next event!