New beginnings for public speakers

Mug of coffee on wooden table

So we started the year “New Beginnings”. What does new beginnings mean for you?  

During the warm-up we learnt that several people have set themselves the task of completing a level in pathways, someone wants to master basecamp and one member vowed to always step forward when a club role needs filling.

We had two prepared speeches, “The power of garlic” by Jemma.  Who knew this vegetable had so many properties, or that the Romans used to place the cloves between their toes to ease the pain of their constant marching.  My speech was “Shaken not stirred” and play homage to Sir Sean Connery, did you know his first name is actually Thomas?

Patricia hosted table topics, and based it on the most searched questions from Google over the last two years. A selection of these questions were; 

1) What do I do if I won the lottery?  Eleanor would look after her nephrew, lucky chap.

2) Can you keep a secret? Our guest, Jacob can, but only if it’s about a surprise birthday party!

3) Who called me? Donovan believes it may be an accountant.

So, what new beginning can you make today?

Ps. Pay a visit to Lewisham Speakers! 🙂