Public Speakers Playing Full Out

Another enjoyable meeting had at Lewisham Speakers.

Toastmaster Donovan chose the theme, “Playing full out”, do you know there has been over 2 billion google searches for that term? How is public speaking like bungee jumping? Well, there is fear before the event, but after doing it, what a thrill, you’d want to do it again right? There is often fear before public speaking, but if you don’t do it, you’ll never feel the rush.

Keeping with that theme, Michaela asked us what our biggest challenge this year has been. There are many resilient people at Lewisham Speakers. Life changing events like family break-up or health issues won’t keep us down.

“Bold”, was the word of the day posed by Donovan, used by four people during there speeches and evaluations, but the most innovative was by Mark, referring to Bold washing powder. The word of the day can be used in any context.

Julie took us down memory lane, to a time when Lewisham Speakers had over 30 members and getting a speaking slot was difficult. Joining another club to increase speaking opportunities, Julie got to do her icebreaker, but nerves got the better of her, before eventually dissipating into a love for the audience. Julie’s message, go on even if you are afraid, make every step count, make small steps, and go the other side because it is worth it.

With a lack of prepared speeches, Donovan asked for anyone with a “back pocket speech”., then stepped up to the mike and did so himself.

Quoting Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donovan started with “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. With his impromptu, prepared speech “Another look at Change”. Donovan spoke about a health issue inspired him to learn more about learn more about diet and not to ignore changes to his health.

Would you rather…, was the conundrum posed by table topics master Mark. Being a linguist, Chloe, would love to know all the languages in the world, but does wonder what the police horses are thinking when they pass all the people rushing about in their daily lives.


VPE – Lewisham Speakers