Achieving your 90 day goal

What ‘s #1 thing you should be focused on for the next 90 days?

Here’s my opinion…

People can too often get overloaded with work, life and just getting by.

Whether it’s long days at the office, being overwhelmed with work or not having enough time for yourself.

And end up with no time to work on your professional development including things like:

  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
  • Presentations
  • Networking

But if you don’t allocate specific time to up your game, then it will never get done!

The long term impact of not focusing on you could be:

❌ You are seen as a commodity rather than an asset

❌ You miss out of work and career opportunities

❌ You get stuck in a rut

So, my advice is to choose one or more of the following as your focal point this year and get to work:

✔️ Become better at impromptu speaking

✔️ Become a more engaging public speaker

✔️ Become better at delivering presentation

✔️ Become better at networking with strangers

So, which one thing will you focus on for the next 90 days?

Remember this, as a member of Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters club you get the opportunity to achieve all 4 of the goals and more. Email to to find out how to get started.

Do you work on your growth?

Or do you rely on your company to support you?