What’s your opinion on focusing on your WHY?

If the pressure of writing your next speech is weighing you down right now

And you’re feeling a bit more vulnerable than usual

This strategy will be a big help:

1. Consider the situation as a test and not a threat

Allow yourself to think neutrally

Assess the facts of your situation 

Get clarity on what is really happening

2. Find your natural flow

Take a timeout in a quiet space if possible

Release some tension by breathing calmly

Repeat this until you feel your natural flow

3. Do one tiny goal

What is the smallest step that needs to be done?

Put your focus on that step and only that step

Get it done and then celebrate the moment.

Remember this:-

There’s a fine line between challenge and overload

Give yourself a break and take a timeout

You’ve earned it!

Now go get that speech completed.

How do you deal with work overload?

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