Why your public speaking skills are not improving

How do you stay motivated when you’re having a stressful day?

And you’ve got another tight deadline before you deliver your next talk?

My thoughts are…

Reflect about your WHY!

When you get started first thing in the morning there must an intention that floats to your consciousness about why you want to deliver the talk

It might be one or more of these:

1️⃣ Contribution – you like to make a difference

2️⃣ Influence – you enjoy standing out in a crowd

3️⃣ Achievement – you value making progress


When was the last time you stopped to remember your WHY when you were feeling stressed about preparing for your speech?

If you’re like many speakers, the answer is “I don’t know!”

It’s easy to be motivated when you’re energised and having a good day

But when you’ve had one too many meetings at work and you can hardly string two words together it’s more difficult

Here’s what I recommend.

Rather than beating yourself up or giving up and not delivering the speech

– Go easy on yourself

– Take a quiet moment away from it all

– And reflect on your WHY

Remember: –

Low levels of stress are there to serve you

Your body is warning you that something is not quite right

So catch yourself in the moment

And start focusing on the reason WHY you do what you do

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