Lewisham Speakers’ Club takes your privacy very seriously. This notice explains how the club collects your personal data, how it is used, the conditions under which the data may be disclosed to others and how it’s kept secure.

Who are we and how can you contact us?

We are Lewisham Speakers’ Club – a Toastmasters International Club (club number 01246707). You can contact us at any time at president@lewishamspeakers.org.uk.

What information do we collect?

Members and club guests

We collect your name, mobile phone number and email address via our sign-in sheet. In addition, if you are either a member of our club already, or choose to become a member in future, we will also collect your home phone number, gender and postal address.
During club meetings we may take photos of our members and of club visitors, including you. We use these photos to publicise our club through a variety of mediums including the club, district and Toastmasters International websites as well as through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Mailing List

We maintain a list of name and email address for those who express an interest in Lewisham Speakers’ Club through direct contact with our members. We will also hold your reason for keeping in touch, gender, location and Toastmaster International member status if you provide it.

Why do we collect this information?

We collect your information so that we can keep in contact with you about Toastmasters meetings and special events. If you are a member of the club already or choose to become a member in future Toastmasters International (our governing body) use your information so they may keep in contact with you directly. We will use gender and location information to help us measure how well we serve our surrounding community.

Who is my information shared with and where is it stored?

As a club we use a variety of tools to communicate with our members and these are described in turn below:

Toastmasters International – Leadership Central & Base Camp

Toastmasters International provides you with the resources that will support you as a member of Toastmasters through services such as the Base Camp platform.
If you are a member of the club already or choose to become a member in future, we will share your name, email address, home phone number, mobile phone number, gender and postal address with Toastmasters International, which is located in the United States who may in turn share your personal information with third-party service providers whom they use to perform certain functions on their behalf (for example sending postal mail).
Sharing this personal information with Toastmasters International is necessary for you to be registered as a member of this Toastmasters club (01246707) which operates under license from Toastmasters International.
You agree to receive email and postal communications from Toastmasters International when we complete the registration process on your behalf. Once we have registered you with Toastmasters International you can manage the privacy settings for your personal information and opt-out of receiving information from Toastmasters International by post or email at any time. Our club committee can assist you with this.


Our club uses a software platform called Easy-Speak to manage our club meetings as well as to stay in contact with our members through email and phone. Easy-Speak Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (company number 9188185) and whose registered office address is Gormenghast, 2 Station Road, Newnham, Gloucestershire, GL14 1DA. We will add your name, contact number and email address to Easy-Speak.
Through Easy-Speak you agree to receive email communications from our club, as well as special notifications that relate to our Toastmasters Area, District and Division. Within your Easy-Speak profile you can manage the privacy settings for your personal information and opt-out of receiving future email notifications at any time. Our club committee can assist with this.


Our club uses Gmail to maintain a mailing list of those who have directly expressed an interest in hearing from us to our members. You may unsubscribe or adjust your preferences from our mailing list at any time through the links in emails sent. Please contact secretary@lewishamspeakers.org.uk if you need assistance.
We do not sell or share your information with other organisations outside of Toastmasters International.

Who has access to my personal information?

• Club Officers can access your personal information through Easy-Speak, Leadership Central and Base Camp.
• Information in Easy-Speak is accessible by club officers only unless you have selected ‘Club Members Only’ or ‘The Public’ in your profile settings.
• The VP Public Relations has access to your details in the mailing list.

How long do we keep hold of your information?

If you cease to become a member of this club, or you are visitor to this club we may keep your information until you request we remove it.

How can I access the information you hold about me, correct it or have it deleted?

If you would like any more information or you have any comments about our privacy policy, please email our club secretary at president@lewishamspeakers.org.uk.
If you wish to examine, correct or delete data that is held in Easy-Speak you may login to your account and select the options in your profile section. If you need assistance with accessing your account, please contact president@lewishamspeakers.org.uk
You may also contact us to:
• obtain a record of the information we hold about you. We may make a nominal charge for using this service.
• ask us to correct information that you think is inaccurate. We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date.
• Ask us to delete any personal information we hold about you under your right to be forgotten.


If you have any complaints, please email our club secretary at secretary@lewishamspeakers.org.uk. If you have raised a complaint with us and are still dissatisfied, you may report your concern directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office.